Without breaking the bank...

Tackle the workday easily with a custom built PHOENIX workstation range of PC's

The PHOENIX Pro is ideal for a wide range of software, including : -


Our machines are built for reliability
Built to laste

Our custom workstations use the latest DDR4 Memory. This high-performance RAM works in concert with your CPU to provide increased speed for all your system’s tasks

4K & Multiple Monitor Ready
Increased Productivity

Connect multiple monitors to one graphics card to better manage your workflow or display one image across several screens for a panoramic experience

High Performance
Built with the newest technology available

Using the latest INTEL Kabylake 7th Generation processors and built onto the latest Z270 chipset motherboards. Xeon or Dual Xeon options also available.

Customize Your Build
Creative and intelligent solutions

All our customers have unique requirements therefore we will build to suit to your specific needs.


Builds completed for customers